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Published: 17th February 2011
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Some modern alternatives to traditional ribbon-edge veils are soft sheer ruffle and pleat. These are used to create a more architectural detail on the veil. For today's romantic and less-formal wedding gowns, a ruffle- or pleat-bordered bridal veil makes a beautiful choice.

The bridal veil is a lovely accent to the wedding gown. It definitely says, "Here comes the bride"! To make the most of your veil, you will need to choose a headpiece and hairstyle which complement it. These are some suggestions for beautiful bridal veil and wedding hairstyle combinations.

For some brides, a bridal veil just feels too old fashioned. Those modern brides will find many fantastic ways to dress up their hair without donning a traditional veil. A very chic contemporary style with a vintage flair is the tiny white cap with a puff of netting. It is dramatic and stunning when worn with a sophisticated wedding gown. Feathers in the hair have become quite popular, and they work equally well with or without a veil. A spray of feathers peeking out of a twist or bun looks fabulous. Choose white feathers for a softer effect or go for a bold look with black feathers in your hairdo.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more old fashioned look, you can also find that in a veil. Very traditional laces, such as Belgian lace, are coming back in style for the bride. You can choose a veil made entirely of a fine Belgian lace (which has a lot of open net areas, so it will not look like you are wearing a tablecloth!) or one with a lace applique just at the edges. If this vintage look appeals to you, be sure to check your attic; some lucky brides may be able to wear the same lace veil as their mother or grandmother.

Tradition. You may not think of yourself as a particularly traditional person, but the fact is that many, many of the things which are done in most weddings are there because of long-standing customs. The long white gowns, the pearl bridal jewelry sets, the exchanging of wedding rings, the ringing of church bells, and the cutting of the wedding cake are just a few of the many parts of a wedding which are rich with tradition. For many women, this is reason enough to wear a bridal veil. Besides, think of how happy it will make your mother!

When you are planning on your wedding day look, one of the things that you have to decide is your hairstyle. Brides who wear veils need to make sure that their hairdo will work with their veil, or that their veil will work with their chosen hairstyle. Here are some tips on how to wear your hair with a bridal veil.

Veils come in single, two and sometimes three tiers (layers). The top tier of multiple tier veils can be worn as a blusher or covering over the face until the end of the ceremony. Veils usually come attached to metal or plastic combs that can easily be placed in the hair in desired area. If you are wearing a tiara, you may want to wear the veil a little lower on the back of the head. Lengths of veils vary from shoulder length, waist length, fingertip and knee length. More dramatic lengths include floor, chapel and cathedral lengths up to 120 inches long. Generally more formal gowns look better with a longer veil, but this is not necessarily the rule of thumb.

To make sure you will be able to work within your budget. You might also want to consider buying wedding veils from the most affordable online bridal veil stores you may find; and the only way for you to know that you're checking out the most affordable store is by simply weighing all your options first before choosing the right one.

Once you have made the basic decisions about your veil, you can get into all of the exciting details. Most veils are tulle, but silk chiffon or organza are also available. Veils can be one entire piece of Belgian lace (these exquisite veils become family heirlooms), embroidered, trimmed in Alenšon lace, finished with ribbons, satin bias trim, or beaded. A great way to bring your whole look together is to select a veil that will coordinate with your handcrafted bridal jewelry (or vice-versa). Swarovksi crystals and tiny beads look spectacular stitched along the edge of a veil. They also give the veil a good weight so that it will not be too flyaway.

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